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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I sure do love making wine. We now have a great batch of Elderberry wine going. That brings us up to 3 batches of five gallons of wine per batch. Blueberry will be taste tested this weekend. Plum has a long way to go still. It is working pretty hard. And Elderberry will be starting it's secondary fermentation this weekend as well.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Last night we transfered the plum wine to the secondary fermenter. We are using Red Star Permier Cuvee yeast and had a serious display of liquid wine fireworks. Very violent stuff.

The blueberry wine seems to be working great as it sits in a dark cupboard. I can't wait to bottle these two, the colors are going to be perfect. Let me know what you want to try.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Life can get so chaotic,
and as a result, we were able to start a batch of plum wine but that was all.
Hopefully, we will be able to get a batch of pear and apple started by the weekend.
Blueberry is looking better.
Wow, what a great color.
Requests are being taken right now for sample sizes.
So far it is looking like a good 12 % alcohol content.
Hope you all enjoy it.

Monday, August 28, 2006

I am going to start two new batches of wine this week. Peach and Cherry.
If I can talk my man into it, we might start some Pear and or Apple.
We have so many and they are starting to fall off of the trees.
Since one cannot sell homemade wine,
I am going to give out free samples + S&H.
After that if someone were to contact me requesting a full sized bottle,
I would ask for a donation of at least $5. + S&H.
I will also take requests at certain times, $35. will get you 10 bottles of your choice.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Last night my man treated me to some sushi and wine for dinner. He brought home Twisted Zin, 2004 California, Old Vine Zinfandel. I had never had this before. It was $10. at Fred Meyers. I thought it was wonderful. Very smooth, just like the label says and an alcohol content of 14.5%. I think it has been a long while since I've had such a good cheap wine, you all should try this one. I am going to try their others very soon. I'll let you know what I think.

Friday, August 18, 2006

A summary
The Professional Friends of Wine
Wine and Health
Although wine may be the oldest remedy and prophylactic still in use, there was an entire generation of medical professionals, especially in America, that obtained their medical education during the historical period known as Prohibition. Medical texts for nearly twenty-five years were purged and censored of any mention of alcohol, including wine, for any application other than external. This medical generation became educators to the following one, perpetuating medical ignorance of the potential health benefits of wine.
In the 1970s, the National Institute of Health excluded and suppressed evidence from the Framingham Heart Study that showed moderate drinkers had 50 per cent fewer deaths from coronary disease than non-drinkers.
Only when the television news magazine "60 Minutes" reported in November, 1991, the phenomenon that has come to be known as the French Paradox did popular thinking of wine as medicine rather than toxin begin to return. Typically, the diet of people in Southern France includes a very high proportion of cheese, butter, eggs, organ meats, and other fatty and cholesterol-laden foods. This diet would seem to promote heart disease, but the rate there was discovered to be much lower than in America; herein lies the paradox.
Regular moderate wine drinking was discovered to be one prominent factor. Studies in England and Denmark found the occurrence of coronary disease to be much higher in heavy or binge drinkers and (surprise!) even higher in abstainers. It is very important to note that Europeans generally drink wine and water with their meals, while Americans drink milk, iced tea, soft drinks, or coffee.
Other medical studies point to multiple benefits of regular moderate wine drinking that may include lowered risks of stroke, colorectal tumors, skin and other types of cancers, senile dementia, and even the common cold, as well as reduce the effects of scarring from radiation treatments.
On the other hand, wine is not a cure-all and not everyone should drink wine. There are also circumstances when no one should drink any alcohol. When combined with certain prescription drugs, for example, alcohol in any form can produce an adverse reaction. Wine should not be given to people with inflammations of the digestive tract, peptic ulcers, liver disease, pancreatitis, kidney or urinary infections, prostate disorders, epilepsy, or alcoholism. As previously mentioned, pre-menopausal women with a family history of breast cancer should abstain from drinking any alcohol, including wine.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I thought readers might like this list of events.

Events for September 2006

7/8/2006 - 10/28/2006 Summer 2006 at White Heron Cellars

7/29/2006 - 9/30/2006 Woodinville Winery Day Tour

8/5/2006 - 9/2/2006 Saint Laurent Summer Concert Series

8/14/2006 - 12/23/2006 Celebrate Wine at I'T Best

8/14/2006 - 12/23/2006 Celebrate Wine at I'T Best

9/1/2006 - 9/4/2006 Going Vertical!

9/8/2006 Washington Wine Commissioner Meeting

9/9/2006 Gorge Wine Celebration

9/16/2006 Grape Stomp at Chateau Champoux

9/16/2006 Olympic Cellars' Grape Stomping Harvest Party

9/22/2006 - 9/24/2006 The Great Prosser Balloon Rally

9/22/2006 - 9/24/2006 Annual Street & Painting & Blues Festival

9/23/2006 - 9/24/2006 Catch the Crush
Well, we racked our blueberry wine the other night and it seems to be slowing down quite quickly, mabe too quickly. I sure hope we don't lose this batch, the color is just beautiful.
We shall see in a few weeks. I'll let you all know. Still getting super compliments on my last batch of strawberry wine. Sorry that it is all gone already.

I've been reading up a little on meads, honey wine. This weekend I think I'll get a bottle and try one out. Maybe that will be our next one gallon batch. If anyone has any suggestions one a mead to consider trying, I would love to hear it.

Elderberries are out in the masses in Ellensburg. I hope to be able to pick a bunch and start a five gallon batch of that soon. And I hear that huckelberries are bigger and sweeter than ever this year. They would made a beautifully colored bottle of wine, I think.
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